by Patrick Seeber

» Gameplay insight

March 7, 2015 Patrick

I prepared a small game report for you to show you some of the game mechanics.


» Some pictures - directly from the dev

March 7, 2015 Patrick

Here are some pictures right from the development of the game.


» Dungeon crawling with a twist

March 7, 2015 Patrick

So, here's my agenda for this week:

1. Game Mechanics

  • Get a simple GUI done
  • Add texts for tutorials and story telling
  • Achievements for dungeon forms or special moves which will give you EXP
  • Use EXP to upgrade abilities, to move/create or change tiles
  • Let enemies drop items
  • 2. Story Mode

  • Add a simple story
  • Add different enemy types
  • Add npcs
  • Add other tiles
  • Comments:

    » The 7DLR Started

    March 7, 2015 Patrick

    Hola, everyone!

    I decided to take part in this years 7DLR on by using a simple game priciple. I'll give my best to create a game in time although my family and my job will get the major part of my time those seven days.

    Scattered Dungeon is what I came up with. The story is this:

    Decades ago, the king of Elerion sent his arch mage and the captain of his guard to destroy the dungeon of the demon Mitrabas to end the terrors originating in its depths. The heros went down deep into the heart of the dungeon only to find the demon itself sitting on its throne of flesh and bones surrounded by an overwhelming army of his evil creatures. Facing their death, the brave captain used Rettash his mythic sword to cut each and every room of the dungeon in pieces before the arch mage ported the parts to the other sphere. The only room ontouched was the throne room itself. With his last breath, the arch mage sealed the room and trapped Mitrabas and his army for eternity.

    The years went by and the people of the kingdom lived their lives in peace, until ...

    ... well, thats the beginning. In short: A new evil arised and the mythic sword Rettash is the only force that may stop the destruction of the known world. YOU are the only known descendant of the arch mage posessing the power to merge back the pieces of the scattered dungeon. Therefore the king sent for you to clear the path to the sealed throne room of Mitrabas.

    I will keep you up to date as the project proceeds, meanwhile you can play the lates version here. Use the arrow keys to play.